Riding lessons at the Mané Guernehué

Riding lessons for all ages and all levels

At the Mané Guernehué equestrian center, our riding lessons are suitable for both young and old!

Beginners and confirmed riders, are welcome. You will have the pleasure of meeting our instructor Valérie Landier who will guide you and teach you throughout the year for your regular or occasional sessions.
We strive to ensure that each group of riders is homogeneous and small in size to encourage learning and progression for everyone.

Depending on your objectives and your level, we offer:

  • Lessons for beginners : Learn the basics and develop a contact with your horse or poney
  • Lessons for intermediates and adepts : Perfect  and learn the art of dressage, trot, galop, show jumping, hippology…
  • For confirmed riders : Have some “you” time and ride freely

Baby Poney : young first riders

We propose a first original discovery for young children: The Baby Pony, or as we say, the Galopins.
A fun initiation for children from 3 to 6 years old to become familiar with a pony adapted to your childs height and size.
After a preparation phase where the autonomy of our Galopins is stimulated, a walk in hand accompanied by parents is on the program.

This experience allows  :

  • a discovery of their senses
    Smell, Hear and Touch. These are experiences that are new to a young child, smells that they won’t smell every day, sounds that are still unknown to your chil and materials that are atypical.
  • In touch with your body 
    A real work on the body-awareness, the childs abilities and balance will be put to the test. Learn to hold and move on a pony etc …

It’s a brilliant way to help a child gain in self-confidence and body awareness. Being able to develop a new trustworthy relationship with an very emotional animal.