Mané Guernehué rules of procedure

Internal rules and regulations of the Equestrian Center

The purpose of these rules of procedure is to define the rules of good functioning within the equestrian establishment.


Anyone wishing to practice horse riding at the Mané Guernehué Equestrian Center on a regular basis is required to complete an application for registration.

Acceptance of the following rules and regulations

All riders accept by their registration at the equestrian establishment the clauses of the present rules.
Similarly, any visitor or escort, by its presence within the establishment, accepts the clauses of this regulation.

Security regulations

All riders must walk, and only walk, in the establishment. Vehicles, including bicycles and mopeds, must be parked on the designated areas, ensuring the passage for safety and emergency vehicles.
Dogs must be left in cars or must be kept on a leash. Any accident caused by a dog in the enclosure of the establishment will incur the responsibility of its owner.

No smoking area

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the establishment, on indoor and outdoor areas.

Access to stables and equestrian facilities

The stables are open to the public only during teaching hours. Any access outside opening hours is prohibited.
The visitors and riders of the establishment must take care not to approach the horses while avoiding abbrupt and sudden gestures that can frighten them, and not to feed the horses without authorization.
Children are under the supervision of their parents who must keep them out of reach of equines and equipment, and to avoid loud noises and sudden movements.
It is strictly forbidden to run. All ball games or others, are also prohibited.
All private staff areas are strictly forbidden to the public

Clothing and equipment

A proper and adapted uniform to the practice riding is required in the establishment.
Wearing a helmet is obligatory for all riders. The club lends helmets for the first lessons or occasional lessons. However, we recommend the purchase of a helmet adapted to the morphology of the rider as soon as the practice is regular.


The federal license is obligatory for all members as it includes insurance (valid for all affiliated clubs in France). It allows, moreover, to stand for federal exams, the “gallops”. Practitioners should be aware of the extent and limitations of their warranty, as well as possible extensions. No member may participate in the activities of the institution if he has not paid his registration fees for the current year. The responsibility of the equestrian establishment can not be engaged in the case of an accident caused by a non-observance of the rules of procedure.

Course of instruction

The lessons last 1 hour. They start at the time indicated on the schedule. We ask our riders to arrive fifteen minutes before the start of the activity. Riders arriving late may not claim to catch up, or claim a possible reduction. However, riders can make up for a missed lesson provided:
– that the absence was reported in advance
– that there is a spot in a recovery lesson of the same level the week before or after the absence. In no case may this catch-up be carried over to another registration period or during the internships.
Only an absence greater than or equal to 4 consecutive courses may give rise to a partial refund of the contribution. A medical certificate against indication to the practice of horse riding will be required.

Care for minor children

The minor riders are under the responsibility of the equestrian center only during the time of equestrian activity and during the preparation time of the equine and the return to the stable – a quarter of an hour before the activity and a quarter of an hour later.
Outside the time of activities and preparations minors are under the responsibility of their parents or their legal guardian.


Penalization ranges from temporary lay-off to definitive exclusion without refund of the membership fee. This may be taken against any rider or visitor who does not comply with this regulation.
Riders may be refused a renewal of their registration within the establishment because of a breach of the rules or a breach of probity and honesty.

Authority of the teacher

The teacher is the only person who can intervene during lessons. Parents, clients or visitors can not intervene during lessons. If the teacher deems it necessary, he may ask parents, clients or visitors to leave the teaching site.